Monday, 4 October 2010

The Confessions of Thomas Murti

The Confessions of Thomas Murti

Once again I am far from a place I can call home. My friends; All but gone, deserted or cowering before the life that awaits them. My enemies surround me. Once again I crave the taste of human blood, I don’t know why!And I seem to feel that this is only the beginning…

I try to think how all this started, but is is all a blur. All I know is that I was bitten. 

He came into my bedroom. And tried to suck the life out of me. The spectre wanted to kill me!
But are there too many reasons why?

I have given my heart for what I hold sacred and become an Island in a sea of blood. Life has become my addiction. Sacrificing power and lust for unconditional love. This has left me empty, wanting for more.
But I am isolated by my desire and it never satisfies, leaving me dead.
I have known death before and faced it with a vengeance.

Sleep is the only break I get from being the monster I have become!
Am I doomed to spend an eternity haunted by the dreams I dream when I'm asleep?

I need to learn and have fun with the pointlessness of my sad and sorry life.

We should be proud of ourselves for creating a society where life isn't worth living any more. It's about time we stood up and did something about it.

I dreamed a dream of a menacing Dark lord. He was Nothung the Black wolf. He ate the souls of the Richous and gorged on their blood. He was not alone for he found an equal in his lust for power and destruction.
She was Lacuna the Dark Priestess. They both forged a union and begat twins;male and female called Ignorance and Want. Upon their brow were written the words Doom, an unholy birthmark and a curse to those who behold them. Damnation fell upon those who dared utter their name. Those insaine enough to follow them became the Drum-heads for they clothed themselves in goodness waiting to curse mankind with treachery. But Lacuna had a sister called Hulder who resided over the dead and the damned; making sure that the damned stayed where they belonged, in Hell. She also resided over her followers, the Nephilim from Niflheimr. They were the watchers, a kind of Dark Angel who watched over Mankind and Smite the Unholy.
Has Humanity a soul left that's worth saving?

The Reality of Nothing. If nothing existed how would it relate to the universe it inhabited? Would it feel; and if it felt then what would it feel? Would it feel that it had no place in a cosmos that constantly renewed itself from the ashes of fire, where energy metamorphosed in a cycle of creation and destruction.

Does an entity that only knows how to destroy really have a place it can call home?It would consume everything just to try and fill itself with obvious futility. The creature lives with the knowledge that it destroys everything it holds dear having a moment’s satisfaction of its achievement then feeling nothing. Would it feel the pain of nothing lasting?

We as a culture are suffering from Leningrad Syndrome! Friends eat friends, Parents eat children and children eat parents. The need to consume for survival has shifted from the need of flesh to the need of soul consumption. In order to accomplish this the individuals operating in society have destroyed the hope of their fellow man and decimated their own hope in the process for man is not meant to be an island. we exist as islands in a sea of blood. Welcome to the new world order!

I have killed Drum-heads trying to open a hell’s gate. I seem to have a craving for the blood of the Unholy! I seem to have become a watcher, a knight protecting and serving the good of Mankind. I seem not to care about the lives that have lost their way and who have found oblivion. Those I kill forfeit their lives with their contempt for all humanity but I am sorry to say they may not be the last. For they endeavour to bring Nothung to life, this foetal creature conceived from the loathing and tyrannical hate and unleash its wrath against creation. Its womb is the broken hearts and the twisted minds of the human race. If he is born and unleashed the cradle of humanity, the universe could be destroyed.

I've always have an enjoyment in actually saying what should be said and what people don't say. I thrive off debate especially when it is on the human condition, so many people are afraid of that let alone to look in the and see what is really there.

We Exist as Islands in a sea of blood because, "There is no Society!"

the looking-glass can terrify the unwilling who dare not face the image of themselves nor that around them. They run and fight back or deny or run to hide behind the smugness of the commercial cradle that is the comforter of the fearful and the oppressor of the free.

Is love the dying ember that cursed our hearts with the disease of hope and condemned the innocent to the fires of hell. It turns our dreams to ashes and leaves us with the sin of being alive? No, it is the boundless tempest leading to the undiscovered country.